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The Issues

Bryan’s vision for America

Education & Workforce Development

Southeast Wisconsin has the best workforce, not just in the country, but in the world.

New opportunities are coming to Wisconsin, and we need to prepare our workers for the jobs of the future.

As a member of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents, I have seen first hand the importance of quality high schools, effective technical colleges and affordable, high quality universities. We have all of these in Wisconsin, and I will put a premium on ensuring that the federal government does not interfere with our efforts to improve and grow our workforce.

Federal mandates too often increase costs rather than improve education. I want to return control and decision making to the state and local level where it is most effective.

Veterans & the Military

We live in a dangerous world and the men and women of our armed forces are on the front lines every day. We need to ensure our men and women in uniform have the funding necessary for them to be safe and effective in carrying out their mission.

Our veterans have put everything on the line and have selflessly served our nation. In return, they deserve the best medical care.

The current system is not working for our veterans. Some are forced to deal with long wait times and poor service. That is simply unacceptable. They deserve better.

I will fight to make sure our veterans have more options and better service. Veterans deserve health care without bureaucratic nightmares.

Health Care

We can do better than the current system.

Today, we have a system that is failing patients, families, doctors and providers. Families are struggling to pay their medical bills and health care costs are too high.

Instead of talking about these problems, I will work to find solutions. We need reforms that make health care more affordable and more accessible. We need patients and doctors in control, not unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

Americans deserve affordable care that is there when they need it. I will fight tirelessly to achieve this goal.

Second Amendment

Our Founding Fathers showed great wisdom in drafting our Constitution. As someone who believes in the Constitution as it is written, I will protect our rights. The Second Amendment provides citizens with the right to bear arms. I will defend law abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

Debt & Deficit

Washington spends too much of our money.

For the past nine years, I have worked for Rock County manufacturers. In a factory, you need a good process to create a good product. But in Congress, the budget process is broken.

Congress focuses on the short term. I believe we need a long term, process driven solution to fix the spending problem.

We need to restore fiscal discipline to the budget process while also continuing pro-growth policies to unleash the full strength of the American economy.